I’m so glad for seasons.  I feel like I’m ready for each new one as they come.  Every fall when things start feeling crisp and cool, I just start crying.  It’s like a thousand beautiful memories wash over me each day; giggling while picking apples, cozied up by the fire, reading outside on a blanket,

update on my goals

Ever since I posted about my goals, I feel like things have greatly improved.  FAR from perfect but it really helps to just keep plugging along instead of just giving up.  I feel like I’ve woken up from a deep sleep. Updates. 1.Loose weight. Well I haven’t weighed myself but I’ve taken a few small

the camping mom

  I know I probably seem negative about myself in most of my self exploration ramblings, but there are 3 versions of myself that I absolutely love:   1.the camping mom   2.the beach mom   3.the pool mom   Of course all of these things involve fun but honestly it’s a lot more than

Our family and Essential Oils

A little over 7 months ago, Sullivan had a cold.  It was a pretty bad cold and he was not sleeping.  So off I went to CVS and $45 dollars later returned back to try to help feel more comfortable.  Cough medicine (since ours was WAY expired, vicks vapor rub (the natural one that I

one foot in front of the other

I hesitate to even open up the floodgates of my emotions on this blog…if you manage to make it through this long, rambling post and your a guy…chances are you will officially deduct that I am insane.  And you probably will avoid me in public.   If you are a woman…you *hopefully* will be like

Closing a chapter

I just don’t even know where to begin.  SO much is going on in my heart and mind lately.  This season of motherhood is beautiful.  Absolutely take your breath away-music seems to be playing in the background it’s so beautiful, beautiful.  And it’s hard.  Absolutely dig so deep into your ugly soul because you just

Happy 3rd Birthday Sullivan!

My precious Sullivan, I’m not as shocked that you are now three as I was that Barclay was turning 5.  I think it is because you are always keeping up with him and all the “big boys”.  You keep up pretty well too!  Still, that Valentine’s day 3 years ago will forever be etched on