Happy 3rd Birthday Sullivan!

My precious Sullivan,

I’m not as shocked that you are now three as I was that Barclay was turning 5.  I think it is because you are always keeping up with him and all the “big boys”.  You keep up pretty well too!  Still, that Valentine’s day 3 years ago will forever be etched on my heart…the moment I met you, little darling.


First of all I want to say how much God knew we needed you.  Your little spirit is so needed in this family and balances us so well.  Daddy and I are first borns and along with Barclay we tend to be…bossy, take charge, make it happen people.  You are a breath of fresh air with your go with the flow attitude and your beautiful sense of humor.


If you had asked me last year, I would have said that I KNEW you would be a quiet sort.  That you would be the tall, dark and mysterious guy in high school.  But this year you just blossomed into this spunky CLASS CLOWN!  I cannot get over how funny you are!  You have these little voices you do that make us giggle no matter what you say.  Your twinkly eyes sparkle as soon as you see you’ve made us laugh.  I’ve noticed your older brother even trying to copy you sometimes.


You love danger.  You have no fear.  You love doing anything that makes my heart skip a beat. You are constantly looking up at me and saying, ” Mom, is this dangerous?!”  And if I say yes, you grin so wide!


You are OBSESSED with super heros.  Spider man is your favorite.


You love baths.  Or basssss as you call them.  You probably find a way to take 2/3 a day and will stay in for over an hour.


You are so handsome.  Your eyes are like wells of ink and a they sparkle at everyone.  I think everyone you look at, you make them feel like you adore them.  Physically, this past year you’ve lost much of your baby fat and are growing so fast.  You are nearly in Barclay’s size and I’m pretty sure will surpass him or at least catch up this next year.


You left a lot of your “babiness” behind this year. Sniff Sniff.  Your beloved Boppy (pacifier) is no longer.  I hate to admit it but I miss it!  What a baby you were with it in!  You also moved from the crib to the big boy bed.  And in June, you just potty trained yourself.  That’s right…I was so traumatized from potty training Barclay that I REFUSED to attempt you.  But one day you said, I am NOT going to wear diapers anymore..and you didn’t.


You learned to swim this summer!  You are a little fish and have no fear!  I had an underwater iphone case and videoed and took pictures of you swimming with a big grin and wide eyes underwater.


You are just balm to my soul, Sullivan.  You are the snuggliest thing I’ve ever been around and you are always curling up next to me to snuggle.  You co slept with us the second half of the night from the time we moved you from the crib until the day LM was born.  Those mornings were just priceless.  I felt like I had so many moments to treasure up from those mornings with you.  Seeing the beautiful warm light pour in on you as you heavily sighed in your sleep was blissful.


Can I just say that my favorite thing about you, is your voice.  You have the sweetest, most hilarious voice in the world.  I could listen to you read the dictionary and just smile and giggle the whole time.  You have a bit of an english accent and  the sweetest little speech impediments that make daily living just delightful.  You also speak a lot with your lips pursed and your brow furrowed.  Something about it is just hilarious to me.  I’ve videoed you a lot just because I NEVER want to forget.

You and Barclay are best friends.  You spend hours together playing…and beating each other.  I never have to worry about you because you can hold your own.  I can’t tell you how many times I will walk back to make Barclay apologize for hitting you/taking your toys and you are victoriously sitting on top of him with your winning little smile.


Watching you become a big brother has been very gradual.  You haven’t grown into the role yet.  Most of the time you live as you used to and pay no attention to the baby.  But once in a while you notice she’s still around and are the SWEETEST big brother to her.  And sometimes out of the blue you ask, “Where’s Lucy Milla?”  Just wanting to check…


Ever since you were born, contentment has washed over my soul.  You are so loved and bring such joy to my heart, my dear boy.

I love you Henry Sullivan, my funny Valentine!



Your Mama



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