Our family and Essential Oils

A little over 7 months ago, Sullivan had a cold.  It was a pretty bad cold and he was not sleeping.  So off I went to CVS and $45 dollars later returned back to try to help feel more comfortable.  Cough medicine (since ours was WAY expired, vicks vapor rub (the natural one that I think might have just been 3 dollars more for the different package), Vicks vapor add in for the humidifier, and a few other things I can’t remember off the top of my head.  I do remember feeling like I would do/pay anything to make him feel better but I was also kind of repulsed at how much it was costing to make jabbing attempts at making him comfortable.  And this was normal for us.  Yeast infection…off to the store and $13 later…athletes foot…$8 (and it didn’t even work).  Then there were the things we went to the Doctor for… suspected ear infection…$50 co pay…$20 prescription that may or may not work.  There was one point where I paid $300 TWICE for ear drops for Sullivan after his tubes.  

Just a few weeks later and fresh from my very unplanned c section, racked with horrendous migraines (sometimes taking 13 IB profen a day to just try not to vomit from the pain), I was invited to a Doterra Essential Oil class.  I had been seeing a lot about essential oils but pretty much my only knowledge of them was that they smelled good and that my mom gave me a bottle years ago to help with headaches (and it barely did).
I have a strict no “party” policy.  I feel like I have to since I promise you I get invited to 3/4 jam berry/jewelry/31/mary kay/ arbonne/wrap parties a DAY.  So I just don’t go to them.  So I broke my policy with the justification that it was a class.
I was pretty skeptical at first, but testimony after testimony of how essential oils healed people was kind of blowing my mind.  You mean, I might not need to load up my three children in the car every single time that I suspect an ear infection, I don’t have to wait in yucky waiting rooms for hours only to be told after one glance that yes they have an ear infection…$50 later, $20 later…a prescription after carting around 3 children to the pharmacy…you mean I could just rub a combo of oils around their ear?  Costing maybe 25 cents?!  
I was completely sold but then the selling part came at the end and I felt a little bit pressured to buy.  My husband was convinced that it was a scam and suggested I not do it.  These pyramid companies were always a little bit tricky and I didn’t want to get locked into something that I wouldn’t use.  After a good bit of research and a lot of conviction from me, I purchased the middle ground starter kit, with the “ok but I know you’ll regret it” from my husband.  
I was really hoping that they would work for me like they did for other people but I was worried that it would be yet another thing piled on the “I was so sure this would change our lives” pile and my skeptical husband would be right.  
First things first, immediately after using the headache blend, my horrible, vomit inducing migraines were manageable and sometimes if I caught them early enough I didn’t have to take medicine at all.  And if I didn’t catch it early enough it seriously took the edge off till medicine could help.  I went from taking…60+ pills a week (It makes my liver hurt just talking about it), to maybe 3/4 a week.  I’ve had migraines since 5 years old so this wasn’t just post epidural headache.
Then I decided to do some research and really (as I usually do, dive head in to complete obsession).  I’m glad I did!  I have found out hundreds of ways that essential oils can help in daily life, heal and mostly how WONDERFUL it is to have them at all times tot do all of these things.  No more expensive trips to the store!  
Here are a list of ways my family has used DoTerra Essential Oils since January:
-Relief from migraines.  
-Relief from a sore neck
-Relief from a back injury I had in high school
-Help with nausea (that’s when Noah became a believer)
-Healed an ear infection (I had one so I know for sure that it worked)
-Help with calming children down before bed
-MAJOR relief from symptoms of colds, and shortening the life of a cold
-Healed a yeast infection
-Made deodorant that WORKS and doesn’t cause cancer (I actually ran out of my homemade and used my old degree for a few days and that stuff didn’t hold a candle to the homemade).
-Made my own cleaners.
-Freshened laundry (this is a big one since I have a major problem of leaving clothes in the washer for a day or so and they smell awful and it takes so many rewashes to get the musty smell out)  This honestly takes care of the problem the first time…completely.
-Made my own perfume 
-Added AMAZING scents to cheap, natural lotion (I am such a smell person and this is SO much fun for me)
-Made natural mouth wash
-Made hand sanitizing spray that can kill MERSA.
-Healed strep throat 
-Prevented a whole slew of children from contracting strep throat
-Shortened the life of a stomach bug
-Made homemade and cheap air freshener
-Healed diaper rash naturally
-Gotten rid of awful athletes foot
-Really helped with the afternoon slump in energy
-Healed poisin ivy
-Relief from any bug bites, poison ivy, scraped knees, etc.
-Helped heal SEVERE sunburn
-Helped with sore muscles from working out
-Healed pink eye
-relief for hurting tummies for my babies
-Started drinking 3x more water because I now drink lemon oil in it (it helps regulate pH of water, detoxifies but doesn’t have the harmful affects of the acid that normal lemons have.  One bottle of lemon oil is like having 46 lemons)
-I use oil in cooking and no longer have to keep lemons/limes/some herbs around just in case (resulting in rotten lemons and limes and herbs because I didn’t use them in their small window).
-major relief from hemorrhoids
-I remove all the pesticides off berries and fruit
-I get annoying sticky stickers off easily (like price tags).
-Made a spray for the car of peppermint that helps keep me alert, freshens breath (no need for gum anymore), and cools me off if it’s hot.
-helped with sore throat
-helped greatly with relief form allergies
-made homemade bug spray that smells delicious and doesn’t have chemicals in it.
-freshened up dish washer and disposal.  
I have suddenly become empowered in our health and I don’t feel at the mercy of advertising and commercialism.  I really can’t tell you how good it feels when one of the kids comes to me with a problem and I can just open up my drawer of oils and make it better.  It has spurred me on to take hold of our health in other areas.  Soon after starting oils, we decided to stop insurance and instead move to a co sharing company (Samaritan’s Ministries) where we send our check to a family instead of a company and we are saving $800 a month!  AND we are paying nearly the same as a cash paying customer as we were with copays!  I no longer feel like I have to go to the doctor for every little questions.  
I’ve not been very public about my love for essential oils because I don’t want to be annoying, or make anyone feel pressured.  I have had to hide quite a few friends who sell things and I feel like I can’t ever talk to them without them trying to sell me things.  But I have come into contact with so many friends who want to know, but don’t know how to go about learning! 
Here’s the thing.  I refuse to pressure anyone and I refuse to get into the “brand wars”.  
Not all essential oils are created equal.  Don’t google essential oils and buy the 20 dollar pack on amazon thinking that is what I’m talking about.  Those oils have fillers in them (hence the price) and will not work for more than mostly smells.  You can actually smell a doTerra oil and an Aura Casia (cheap) oil and smell the major difference in potency.  
Like I said I am not getting into brand bashing because I know a LOT of people who use Young Living oils and love them!  And they are just as high quality as DoTerra.  The difference would be different blends that are unique to each brand and from my research Young Living oils are a little bit pricier.  It might not appear to be so but their bottles are smaller.  Either way, If you have use Young Living or any other 100 % THERAPEUTIC GRADE oils that’s great. DoTerra’s oils (and Young Living from what I’ve heard) are so pure that you can ingest them.  Do not ingest low grade oils!  In fact, for 4 dollars I bought some veggie capsules and can put “hot oils” (oils that kind of burn) into them to ingest them without any discomfort.  Because of the purity of DoTerra oils they WORK.  
So if you want to know more about essential oils, want to try a starter kit, or want some recipes (even if you already use another brand), I would be so happy to chat and share my knowledge!  And I promise you no pressure and no trying to make you buy something you won’t use.  PROMISE!
I feel like more and more people are becoming aware of how wonderful essential oils are and I just want to keep on spreading the knowledge!  

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