update on my goals

Ever since I posted about my goals, I feel like things have greatly improved.  FAR from perfect but it really helps to just keep plugging along instead of just giving up.  I feel like I’ve woken up from a deep sleep.


1.Loose weight.

Well I haven’t weighed myself but I’ve taken a few small steps that are helping me at least feel healthier.  One of them is that I’ve just started walking every day.  It’s so much easier than having to have everything together and LM not tired to make it to a YMCA class.  During this time before preschool starts for Sullivan, I could have just given up but I’ve just walked.  Walked to get Barclay from school, walked to the coffee shop, walked between meetings.  AND I’ve come up with a brilliant idea kind of spurred on by my friend Carly.  After I posted my goals, she asked me if I wanted to walk with her.  So simple and got me to thinking how often I meet friends for coffee or lunch or breakfast.  So instead of coffee dates…I’ve been having walkee dates.  Hehe.  Burning calories instead of intaking them and getting fellowship in the meantime! Because I promise you I will give up exercising for fellowship any day of the week.


2.not bribing my children

This has gotten maybe 30% better.  Noah and I are signed up to take a class with the Children and Family Resource Center here in town.  20 weeks of parenting classes.  We are siked.  It will help us feel more confident in sticking to our guns and being on the same page.  


3.Brush our teeth….

Ha!  30% better with the kids.  All the way better for myself and I’ve started oil pulling regularly since I got wintergreen essential oil!  


4.Read the Bible every day.

Seriously what a difference this makes.  I think I realized that it just reminds me of the big picture of eternity every day.  And life is so much better with that mentality than thinking about this life as all there is.


5.Get off my phone.

This is so hard and I am so annoyed with myself.  I would say half of the battle is because I take 80% of our pictures and videos on it which is a great thing but the browsing senseless and mindless stuff has to get better.  I deleted fb off my phone probably 30 times (re-adding to look up something, contact someone, reply to a business inquiry).  So I just added it back and put it on the 4th page of my apps and honestly it helps a lot to have it 3 swipes away:-)

I am really going to try to plug it up away from me at night.  I am on call for a birth now so that’s been my excuse for not doing it.  


6. Eat at our table.

This has been much improved but at the end of exhausting days sometimes we crash and watch an episode of Little House and enjoy not fighting for every bite.  I’m ok with that sometimes.


7. Pick up twice a day for 10 minutes

I’ve done it several times and it helps a lot.  A lot!



9.Not yell at my children

Two weeks ago…great!  This past week…not so great.  Honestly yesterday my throat was sore from yelling all day. 

“don’t run into the street!”

“PLLLEEEEASE don’t wake up your sister!”

“Stop biting each other!”

It’s wrong to yell.  I cannot even justify it.  I just have to stop.

10.Break my addiction to stuff

Better.  But still I find myself pining for a purchase that will “change my life”.  

I’m really wanting to detox in September from stuff and sugar.  

Like completely cut out any purchases other than food and oils and cut out sugar from my diet.  Still contemplating since we have Barclay’s fall break (three weeks off) and will be traveling a lot.  But there’s always an excuse.  Maybe if anyone wanted to join me?:-)


All in all.  I’m thankful for new days and Christ enabling me to not give up.  


3 thoughts on “update on my goals

  1. Totally going to do this! You’re awesome, and I love your honesty. And… really tempted to join you in that detox from stuff except… you know… new house. 😉 But I am going to seriously think about it.

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