I’m so glad for seasons.  I feel like I’m ready for each new one as they come.  Every fall when things start feeling crisp and cool, I just start crying.  It’s like a thousand beautiful memories wash over me each day; giggling while picking apples, cozied up by the fire, reading outside on a blanket, jumping into leaves…and faster and faster they come.  It feels cozy, that shower of memories, and I welcome fall and all that comes with it with open arms.  

Every winter I start to crave time with family, traditions and memories of all the holidays throughout my life come rushing.  Also the birth of all three of my babies and the sacred time leading up to them.  I love winter, when it’s winter time.  

And just when I feel stir crazy and lonely in the winter, the buds start popping up.  Sunshine and flowers, people bustling around outside…impromptu outdoor hangouts.  I love spring.  It comes just in time.  

And then the magic of summer comes.  Swimming and adventure and no schedule and picnics and late nights.  Fireflies and campfires and outdoor music.  I love spring. 

I’m so thankful God made seasons.  It’s all beautiful and painful in the welcoming and the leaving.  Nearly every season I begin both with an open arm embrace and a few tears.  

I feel like in addition to the 4 seasons of our year, I’ve been closing out and welcoming new seasons around here daily.  

I held on as long as I could but finally have embraced the new season of my last baby not being a baby baby anymore.  It hurts that she doesn’t nap on me or that she is able to crawl, but the sadness is hard to hold on to because the giggles and delightful squeals are just the best.   

Today I lined up little boy shoes up and pair by pair I tucked away to give to someone new.  Growing feet and all the memories of them when they were that little.  It hurts so deeply but my heart is just bursting with thankfulness for healthy boys at the same time.  

Away the little dresses go, one more thing a child can do by himself is gained, little seasons closed and new ones opened.  

So if you see me out and about with tears streaming down my face, don’t mind me, it’s probably just the seasons.  

So thankful for the beautiful moments I have treasured up in my heart, we have a beautiful life.


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