Lucy Miller’s Birth Story

To understand a lot of why we approached this labor very carefully check out Sullivan’s birth story here.  He was born with pretty severe shoulder dystocia that lasted 3 minutes.  He wasn’t born breathing and it was all very scary. This pregnancy I spent a lot of time doing spinning babies exercises, going to the

3rd Time’s the charm

There are a lot of things that completely overwhelm me about being a mother to three…such as loading them up in the van, wiping all their bottoms, and making sure they all feel special and loved.  But instead of focusing on things that I might not be great at   So I decided to make


Oh my word.  Do people carrying girls tend to be a total basket case of emotions? Seriously.  I am annoying myself. In the same moment I am bursting with joy and thankfulness I can also be feeling like crawling in a hole and sleeping for the rest of my life. I am feeling this ridiculous